Why Saturnalia?

To learn in advance grape quality for every vine area and market trends for the best fine wines.

Saturnalia is the only fine wine platform capable of providing a 3D view of the single vine areas: from the most notorious Bordeaux Grand Cru Classés to the MGAs of Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, Bolgheri, Burgundy, Rhone and many others zones to be mapped soon.

In addition, Saturnalia allows you to learn both the qualitative trend and the financial value variations – also thanks to the collaboration with Liv-ex – for every vineyard, vintage and wine in its database. Furthermore, thanks to its proprietary algorithms, Saturnalia can predict not only the scoring of the recently closed vintage, but also its potential economic value together with the quality of the wine that will be sealed into the most exclusive and sought-after bottles.

Lastly, in order to satisfy one of the greatest wishes on the wine lovers’ part, Saturnalia conceived the service Compare your Wines. It allows you to compare wines and vintages through both a vertical and a horizontal approach: it doesn’t stop just at scores and prices comparisons, but it also shows how weather conditions dictated the wine evolution from its very beginning. A dream for every wine enthusiast.


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