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With its satellite-derived data, Saturnalia lets you explore in 3D the world’s most renowned vineyards and learn all about the qualitative and financial value of your favourite fine wines.

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Saturnalia is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to
always keep track of their collection and discover how to make it thrive.

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A view on vineyard

Plunge yourself in our 3D view: discover the landscape, the borders and the wines produced in the world’s most famous MGAs or Crus. Like you’ve never done before.

Saturnalia Vintage Score

Learn the qualitative trends and keep track of the evolution of your collection value over time. Now you can sell or buy wines ahead of time.

Compare your wines

With our service Compare Your Wines there is no limit to wine comparison: value, scores, weather data. Both horizontally and vertically.

To see from satellite the harmony of a vineyard is something unique.
Saturnalia lets you discover every detail of the Crus you like, so that you can finally learn where the grapes of that wine you love so much are coming from.

Saturnalia roots are sturdy and profound.
It’s a project nourished by a team of professionals that, with 4 years of hard work and with the support of the European Space Agency, has brought artificial intelligence at the service of wine collectors and professionals.

Saturnalia is based on deep foundations.
The unique value of the data elaborated by Saturnalia struck the attention of international wine merchants: they are using Saturnalia analyses and predictions to provide their clients with the best advice and orientate their own purchase decisions.


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