Terms of Service

Terms of service for “Saturnalia” website
1. Terms and conditions of use 

1.a) The website “Saturnalia.tech” (hereinafter referred to as “Website” for brevity) is owned by Ticinum Aerospace srl, operating in Pavia (PV), VAT ID number IT02535070185, REA PV – 2815774, share capital € 10.000,00, recipient code M5UXCR1, Certified Email: ticinumaerospace@legalmail.it and email info@ticinumaerospace.com (hereinafter referred to as “Ticinum” or “The Owner”). 

1.b) The information, contents and services provided by the Website are accessible by telematic means from the URL address: https://saturnalia.tech, which corresponds to the homepage of the website, and from the URL address of the platform https://platform.saturnalia.tech

1.c) The user acknowledges that the access to and the use of the Website, as well as of the services provided by the Website, are subject to the complete acceptance of the terms and conditions of use set out below.
If the user shall not intend to accept them, he/she is advised not to use the Website and not to download any content from it. Additional terms and conditions different from these could be applied to the usage of certain services or to the sale of products or to the usage of other parts of the Website. 

1.d) The usage of the Website, as well as the browsing of the Website, is to be understood as tacit acceptance of these general Terms and Conditions.
1.e) The user declares him/herself to be of legal age, as well as to have the correct capacity for using the Website after having accepted these general Terms and Conditions and for accepting any eventual responsibility resulting from the use of the Website itself. 

2. Services of the Website 

2.a) The Services present on the Website are: 

  1. registration;
  2. transmission of a regular newsletter which may present promotional and/or advertising content; 
  3. blog;
  4. upload, download and view of contents;
  5. e-commerce (sale of products and services);

2.b) The Owner reserves the right in any event to interrupt at its sole discretion the provision of the above services, to provide new services, and to change the modes of supply. 

2.c) The services are provided by the Owner at no cost (except where made explicit by specific conditions) following the rule of “What You See Is What You Get” at the moment of their use.
2.d) With regards to the service of the previous points 2.a), 2.b), the informative and advertising emails are sent periodically to the user that requested them by expressing at the same time also their necessary consent. The Service may be interrupted anytime (opt-out) and after every sending by communicating it to the Owner of the Website. 

3. Use of the reserved area and registration on the Website 

3.a) The Website is made up of an open-access area and of a restricted area reserved for the users that have previously completed the registration process.
3.b) The users who intend to use some services provided by the Website should proceed with registration and provide some personal information to the Owner through the appropriate form. If the user proceeds with the Website registration, he/she shall guarantee the veracity, accuracy and up-to-dateness of the provided personal information and shall take any related responsibility. If new variations of the data provided by the user occur, the user shall communicate them to the Owner as soon as possible. 

3.c) If the user upon registration provides or uses data originating from third parties, he/she guarantees that he/she has previously fulfilled towards these third parties any obligations envisaged by current legislation, including the one on the protection of personal data, and takes ng any responsibility towards any objection notification brought forward by third parties in relation to the use made of their data by the Owner. 

3.d) During the registration process, the user may be requested to choose his/her own user ID and/or a password, eventually also as a replacement for that automatically generated by the system. The user cannot choose the user ID of another person with the aim of using the latter’s identity. In addition, the user cannot use another person’s user ID without the former’s explicit authorization. Furthermore, it is forbidden to use user IDs that Saturnalia, in its sole discretion, believes may infringe rights of third parties, or are nonetheless offensive or scurrilous. 

3.e) The retention of the secrecy of the user’s own user ID and personal password is a responsibility of the user him/herself. Hence, the user will be the only one responsible for every activity carried out through the use of her/his password or user ID. 

3.f) The user agrees to communicate immediately to the Owner any unauthorized use of his/her user ID or password or any other infringement of safety rules coming to his/her attention. The Owner will not be held liable by any means for any eventual damage arising from failure to comply with the obligation of secrecy of login credentials. 

4. Users’ obligations 

4.a) The user agrees to use the Website and Contents diligently, correctly and legitimately. In particular, by way of example and not exhaustiveness, the user agrees to refrain from: 

  • any improper use of the Website contrary to law, General Conditions and any other regulation published on this Website, or any use contrary to morality and good costume. 
  • any action capable of affecting the rights and interests of Saturnalia and/or third parties, including intellectual and industrial property rights, or capable of damaging, worsening or obstructing the normal usage of the Website, computer storage media or documents, files, and any type of content stored within them.
  • replicating, copying, transforming, supplying, making available or disclosing in any other form to other websites or to the public any material and/or information present within the Website, unless any of these actions has been explicitly authorised by the Owner. 
  • sending, supplying or publishing in any other form, within the areas dedicated to such purposes, contents of defamatory, slanderous, obscene, pornographic, abusive, sexist, racist, discriminatory or illegal (in any forms) nature, including the use of the Website and its services with fraud or phishing (that is trying to obtain by deceit information on the user’s user ID or password) purposes.
  • sending, spreading or supplying by any means contents that submit commercial or promotional offers of any kind, unless a prior written authorization has been provided by the Owner. 

4.b) The user agrees not to publish reserved information which allows to identify either him/her personally or third parties, for instance through the distribution of personal data, passwords, user IDs, phone numbers, email addresses. 

5. Linking and other IT tools from third parties

5.a) Every form of link and any other tool of digital connection from third parties installed for a better functioning of the Website cannot damage the image or the activities of Saturnalia. Deep linking, which is the use on third-party websites of parts of the Website, or in any case a direct link to pages of the Website without going through the Website homepage, is forbidden. In any event, the creation of links, even when authorised, will not result in any liability for the Owner, provided that the Owner reserves the right to request at any moment the removal of such links. Similarly, any eventual digital tool of third parties that should not comply with the regulations in force will be promptly removed and will not result in any liability for the Owner. 

5.b) Unless a prior written authorization has been provided by the Owner, any possible disregard of the provisions of this article will be prosecuted in the appropriate, legal, civil and penal offices.

6. Intellectual/industrial property 

6.a) Any rights to the contents of the Website (by way of example, texts, images, trade dress, audio and video files, as well as the Website architecture itself) are reserved to the Owner or to their rightful owners, under the national and international current legislation. 

6.b) “Saturnalia” and its corresponding logo are registered trademarks at national and international level and belong to Ticinum Aerospace srl which also owns every usage right. 

6.c) The contents of the Website pages cannot, neither completely nor partially, be: copied, replicated, transferred, uploaded, published, disclosed or spread in any way without the a prior written authorization provided by the Owner; the only exception being for the right of reproduction and communication, within the limits envisaged by article 65 et seq. of the law n. 633 of 22nd April 1941, and the possibility to store them in one’s own computer or to print extracts from the Website pages, solely for personal use. 

6.d) Any material sent to the Owner for contribution to the website services (by way of example and not exhaustiveness: send comments, express opinions, take part in surveys and initiatives, send images or audio/video files), will be regarded as non-confidential and the Owner will not have any kind of liability concerning these materials, as the Owner can use them without limits. In particular, the user grants the Owner an unlimited right to use these materials without exclusivity or any geographical limitations or restrictions of means. Therefore, the Owner will be entitled to, directly or via third parties, use, copy, transmit, extract, publish, distribute, play publicly, spread, create derivative works, host, index, memorise, note, codify, modify and adapt (including the right to adapt by any means and without any limitation these materials for transmission) in any form or with any tool, which is currently existing or which will be invented in the future, every images, messages, even in an audio or video format, which shall be sent to the user, even through third parties. 

6.e) All submitted material will not be returned and it will be owned by the Owner who remains exempt from any responsibility towards participants if this submitted material is lost or destroyed. 

6.f) Those who send materials to participate in the Website services shall ensure that the materials are publishable, accepting and agreeing to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner in relation to any action taken from third parties or in relation to any violation of current legislation that may concern for example copyright, or in any case intellectual property protection, or processing of personal data. 

6.g) The regulations in this article are related to any type of content generated by the user when using the services available on the Website. 

6.h) Any eventual failure to comply with these regulations, unless an explicit written authorisation has been provided, shall be prosecuted in the appropriate legal, civil and penal offices.

7. Warranties and liabilities 

7.a) The Owner does not guarantee the continuity of access, the download or usage of the elements and information present within the Portal pages, which may be blocked, hindered or stopped by factors and circumstances outside his control. 

7.b) The information and the contents available on the Website are of an informative nature and, unless otherwise and specifically established (e.g. commercial offers, savings, promotions, e-commerce etc.), do not constitute neither a contractual proposal nor an offer to the public according to the 1336 article of the Civil Code of the described products and/or services; they also cannot be considered binding for any negotiation or commercial relation. 

7.c) Under no circumstances the Owner will be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this Website, by the inability or impossibility to access it, by the reliance of the information within it or its actual use. 

7.d) Information can be modified or updated without any prior notification. The Owner can also, without prior notification, improve, change or eliminate certain sections of the Website. 

7.e) Despite Website services and/or contents having an indefinite duration, the Owner reserves the right to close, suspend or interrupt unilaterally, at any time and without prior notification, the provision of the services or the general Website. The user acknowledges that the Owner cannot be held responsible in no way to users or third parties for the suspension or the interruption of the services or for the permanent or temporary removal of contents. 

7.f) The user acknowledges that the Website Owner cannot be held responsible for the information, contents, products and services offered or provided through the Portal by third parties or entities, including those with which the Website has activated a link of connection or any other form of digital connection, and for any other content, information or anything else contrary to the regulations in force within the third party’s resources connected through the link. Whoever visits a website connected to the Website does so at his/her peril, and takes the obligation of taking every necessary measures and precautions against viruses and other destructive elements. 

7.g) The user acknowledges and agrees that every contractual or non-contractual relation that has been formalised with third parties contacted through the Website will be pursued only and exclusively between the user and the third party. Therefore, the user accepts that the Company holds no responsibility for eventual damages of any nature derived from the negotiations, conversations and/or contractual obligations with third parties contacted through the Website. 

7.h) The connection with other websites does not imply that Saturnalia is sponsoring or is affiliated with entities that provide the services described in their own websites. 

7.i) Under no circumstances Saturnalia can be held responsible for any damage to third parties caused by the erroneous, pernicious and/or unauthorised use of the material within the Website, and for the transmission of possible viruses that can infect the computer equipment used by the visitors of the Website. 

8. Personal data 

8.a) With reference to the processing of personal data of users/clients who browse through the Website or who request services accessible electronically through the addresses specified in the prior point 1.b, these data will be processes in accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/679, with the methods described in the specific policy drawn up in accordance with article 13 of the previously-mentioned Regulation and for purposes related to the proper functioning of the requested services, except any other and broader consent given by the user. 

9. Cookies 

9.a) A cookie is a small data file sent by certain websites, while they are being visited, to the visitor. Cookies can be found in several Saturnalia website pages, and they are installed with the aim of tracking visitors’ path within the Website. The cookie is transferred to the hard disk of the user with registration purposes in order to memorise which areas of the Website have been visited. This choice allows a quicker browsing of the website.
There are persistent cookies (which stay on the hard disk, even when the browser has been closed), temporary or session cookies (which are memorised solely during the navigation session and are removed from the computer when the browser is closed) and third-party cookies (which are generated from a website different from that the user is visiting). 

9.b) Cookies on Saturnalia Website are a mixture of the previously-mentioned cookie types. In addition, for statistical purposes there are some third-party cookies measuring aggregate information and all activities concerning the website purposes. In order to offer a website that meets users’ expectations and interests, an analysis of the gathered data through cookies is constantly carried out; these data show uniquely and anonymously how the website is used, that is the areas and the sections that have been considered of major interest and helpfulness by the visitors.
9.c) If the user does not want to receive cookies, he/she can set his/her own browser so that it informs the user of the presence of cookies and the user can decide whether to accept them or not. The user can also deny automatically all cookies, by activating the corresponding option on his/her browser; however, the non-acceptance of cookies may lead to the impossibility of providing the service when the users tries to access some Website areas; if the user does not select these options blocking the cookies during visits on the Website, he/she agrees, as a consequence, to their use. 

10. Changes of the Terms of Website use 

10.a) The Owner reserves the right to make changes, unilaterally and at any time, of these General Terms that have been published on the Website. 

10.b) The user is responsible for reading periodically the General Terms in force. Changes will take effect immediately after their publication on the Website. If the user continues using the Website after the changes, he/she will automatically accept them. 

11. Law and Jurisdiction 

11.a) Without prejudice to the possible applicability of mandatory laws, the execution and interpretation of these General Terms is regulated by Italian law. The Foro di Pavia (Italy) will have exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute dealing with these Terms. If he deems it necessary, the Owner reserves the right nevertheless to possibly take legal action before courts of countries or cities other than Italy or Pavia in order to protect his own interests and enforce his rights. 


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