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Fine Wines & Saturnalia

Wine Explorer

Saturnalia is the only platform completely designed for fine wines capable of offering a 3D view of the single vineyards: from the most renowned Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé to the MGA of Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, Bolgheri, Burgundy and Rhone. Many other areas are also waiting to be mapped.

Quality analytics

Saturnalia collects data both from satellites and ground, which we then elaborate into three proprietary indexes capable of predicting the grape quality. Specifically, at the end of harvest we extract the Vintage Score of the vintage overall quality and we also provide every additional index indicating grape quality.

Price analytics

Thanks to our collaboration with Liv-ex, the prices for the most renowned wines stay always up-to-date, providing a continuous spotlight on their value: from the release price to its evolution over time. Moreover, every month we provide exclusively the value trends for the top 100 Bordeaux wines.

Wine comparison

Compare wines and vintages both horizontally and vertically: don’t stop at prices and scores, but discover how weather variables have dictated the evolution of a wine right from the first grape. A dream coming true for every wine enthusiast: to know all about their collection, while always staying one step ahead.

Harvest Reports

Every year Saturnalia produces data-driven harvest reports for the world’s most known wine-growing areas: they are the best way to always stay up-to-date on the qualitative development of the vintage. Whether you are a producer, a technician, a collector or a merchant, you cannot miss our reports to guide all your production or market decisions.

Bordeaux Focus

A section exclusively designed for Bordeaux. Thanks to our proprietary model, the Saturnalia Vintage Score, we can predict grape quality already in November and before critics’ tastings for a pool of 100 Bordeaux wines. The Monthly Price Trend tracks and compares wine value over time: the most suitable tool to better manage your collection.


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