Why mix Space and Wine?

Experience in first person what Saturnalia can offer you: not everyone can afford a space-based view on wines.
By mixing satellite-derived data and artificial intelligence, we are able to achieve a level of information depth never seen before. Be among the first to plunge into a whole new perspective on wines, a space-based one.

Are you a Wine Explorer? 

If you love observing wine regions in every detail and spending hours to learn their territory conformation, on Saturnalia Wine Explorer you can: 

Are you a Wine Geek? 

If what you’re looking for is detailed information about your favourite wines, then look no more. On Saturnalia in one platform you can access and compare:
Feedback is the most precious treasure for us.

We’re looking forward to listening to what you think of our project. Doing what we’re trying to achieve is no easy feat: please consider taking a few minutes to fill-in this survey during your trial. In return, we would be more than happy to extend your current trial for another 7 days for you. 


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