Quality analytics

Objective data bring objective analyses: this is our working method, applied to the vineyard.
quality lies in the vineyard

To taste with knowledge

Discover the quality of the grapes and wines you collect

You can learn a lot about a vintage even before tasting it, and Saturnalia provides you all the right information. 


A close-knit team, technology expertise and the passion for wine allow us, thanks to artificial intelligence applied to satellite and weather station data, to elaborate and monitor the parameters of quality for every vineyard and during the whole growing season. 


The elaboration of all collected data is condensed into three proprietary indexes that allow you to understand at a glance the conditions of the vineyards of your interest and the elements that can influence the quality that you will find in the bottle.

Moreover, the quality analytics section gives access to weather data patterns such as diurnal temperature variations and rainfall.

A vegetative index specifically developed by Saturnalia. By leveraging the reflectance registered by satellites within some key bands, it measures the chlorophyll content and the water stress level within vines. The information collected during the growing season are then elaborated based on latitude, altitude and weather conditions in order to provide scientifically balanced data.

It summarises all the SEI values recorded during the year into a single value offering an overall evaluation of the season. In this way, you also get in advance a preview of the potential quality of the vintage for every vineyard, even before the wine market release or critics’ tastings.  

Through AI-driven algorithms Saturnalia elaborates a score on the potential quality of a wine without any tasting needed and relying solely on objective sources, such as satellite data, weather data and orographic information which are then mixed with the scores given by the world’s most renowned critics.


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