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Every vintage is the bearer of a unique story. Saturnalia tells you all about it in our harvest reports, from a special perspective: the one originating from space. The data collected from satellites and weather stations allow us to analyse every detail of the recently-closed vintage, managing to include everything a wine lover or a professional needs to know: precipitation, temperature trends, degree-days, surface soil moisture and expected quality trend. 

Our focus areas include the most renowned productions zones, such as Bordeaux, Barolo, Burgundy, Brunello di Montalcino, Bolgheri, Barbaresco, Rhone and many others to come: in fact, as we base our work on satellite data, our analyses do not know boundaries. 

If you are vine-growers, wine consortia, wine merchants and brokers, do not hesitate and contact us to know how Saturnalia can be tailored to your needs: discover how to take advantage of our data analyses and  3D vineyards model. 

The report that we have elaborated so far are:

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