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What Saturnalia can do for me

Saturnalia features are addressed to every wine lover, collector, merchant or professional who wants to be captivated by the power and usefulness of data applied to the wine world. Our aim is to provide objective data on quality and prices for approximately 400 wines available in our database, which is constantly updated and expanded every month.

Saturnalia analyzes objective data derived from satellites and then, once these data have been further elaborated and matched with other sources (location, weather patterns, orography), offers on its platform a real-time qualitative prediction that, at the end of the growth season, is  also compared with the previous vintages quality trends. These analyses, together with other confidential information, provides in turn the possibility to also predict a potential price trend for the selected wine.

No, much better. You are going to browse through dynamic immersive 3D maps that lets you to discover your Crus or MGAs of choice within a few clicks. In addition, you will also find additional information useful to understand everything about the vineyards of your interest and the wine they produce.

Definitely. By visiting in 3D the wine-producing areas, you will be able to quickly understand which elements differentiate them, such as altitude, geographical position, spatial orientation, sloping and other information on the territory conformation.

So far Saturnalia has covered Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello di Montalcino and Rhone. However, our team works everyday to cover more and more production areas of high-quality wine.

Technology for everyone

No, it’s a platform based on cutting edge technology and efficient data elaboration, specifically designed by Saturnalia team with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA); however, it’s intuitive and exploitable by anyone whose interests, investments and work deal with wine.

We leverage a combination of satellite data and artificial intelligence to pursue our mission: to provide objective and reliable information to both wine lovers and oenologists, agronomists, consortia, producers and international fine wine merchants wishing to always stay one step ahead in the market.

We elaborated three proprietary indexes to make the collected and analysed information more intuitive and easier to understand. While browsing, the indexes will help you better understand and learn more about the wines that interest you the most. Keep reading to discover more about every index.

The Saturnalia Evolution Index is a vegetative index specifically designed by Saturnalia: it expresses the level of chlorophyll and water stress within vines.

The Saturnalia Variation Index condenses all recorded SEI (Saturnalia Evolution Index) values within just one value: it provides a general overview of the growing season taking into account the level of chlorophyll and water stress within vines.

Saturnalia scores leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to obtain a rating based on vineyard position, weather data and on all trends detectable through satellites. The whole process does not involve any tasting. The vines vegetative response trends are recorded throughout the whole year and, once compared to previous vintages, are combined with weather and location data to generate a score in hundreds.

Saturnalia unique services

Saturnalia digital maps quench your thirst for knowledge and let you to discover the vineyards producing your favourite wines from every angle, gather information related to the qualitative trends and, when available, also to prices. The 3D Wine Explorer currently covers Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, Barbaresco, Bolgheri, Brunello di Montalcino and Rhone. However, stay tuned as we are always adding maps of new areas.

It’s a dynamic satellite map collecting some of the Saturnalia indexes which are made available for each wine through a quick and intuitive interface: the vegetative pattern of the selected vintage is displayed through 5 colours showing different behaviours. In this way, you can gather an immediate understanding of the evolution of a vintage.

Saturnalia scores leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to obtain a rating based on vineyard position, weather data and on all trends available through satellites. The whole process does not involve any tasting.  The vines vegetative response trends are recorded throughout the whole year and compared to the previous vintages, and once compared to previous vintages, are combined with weather and location data to generate a score in hundreds. As we rely on objective andata and AI-driven algorithms, our scores do not express any personal opinion or preference.

It’s the elaboration of the data of the growing season for a single vine area and for the wine originating from it. The data, derived from Saturnalia proprietary indexes, is displayed through a pie chart showing the distribution of 5 classes. In this way, you can gather at a glance the qualitative evolution of the selected vintage, including the percentage distribution of the single classes.

Bordeaux is the quintessence of fine wines and we were happy to dedicate a great chunk of our work to monitoring and elaborating data derived from this exceptional territory. For Bordeaux we can provide soon after the harvest - in November - our Vintage Score which evaluates and predicts 6 months in advance the grape quality of the wines to be presented at the En Primeur campaign in April of the following year.

It's unique and precious information that cannot be missed by anyone who wants to know all about the qualitative performance of the single Crus and the prediction of their financial value. In addition, our Monthly Price trend service will help you in understanding how vintages on the market will change in price. Discover more about our Bordeaux focus in our specific section

Exclusively for the Bordeaux area, we offer a unique comparison tool for the top 100 wines: with the Monthly Price Trends you gather predictions for the current month of the expected value trend for the vintages already available on the market.

The ‘compare your wines’ tool makes possibile what was once impossible: to compare wines financial value and qualitative trends both vertically and horizontally. That means that you can either choose to discover how a particular wine changes from vintage to vintage, or see how different wines belonging to different appellations behave. It’s a unique tool for all those who would like to take advantage of an in-depth view on wines value, especially when compared with previously-released vintages.

It's the best way to monitor your collection, track market fluctuations and plan new purchases.

How the trial and subscription work

No, you just need to sign-up with a valid email address and successively confirm your profile through the link that you will receive in the email you provided. Then you are free to browse and try for 7 days the whole platform, with no access limitations. 

If you haven’t received any email to activate your profile, try your spam folder. If it isn’t there, contact us and explain the problem at We will sort everything out.  

No, you can try Saturnalia for free and after the trial you are free to choose whether to activate a monthly or annual subscription of the platform.

Yes, it is possible to request a refund within 15 days from subscription. If that case you can write to us at

No, we will notify you 15 days prior to the renewal, so that you will be able to subscribe once again to Saturnalia.

Yes, it is renewed automatically every 30 days from your subscription date. You can decide whenever you want to unsubscribe with no need of prior notification. Just go to your profile page and deactivate the service.

Payment methods

You can pay by debit or credit card through the safe gateways of Stripe

Devices and browsers

You can use Saturnalia from your tablet, while it is not yet possible to surf the platform from smartphone.


To get the best experience, we suggest using either Google Chrome or Firefox on both desktop and tablets. If you use other browsers, there could be some incompatibilities, which we are solving.


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