The En Primeur 2020 has begun: get the full Saturnalia experience now!

Don't limit yourself with Saturnalia

As every passionate knows, the En Primeur Week has begun today - on 26th April - and the fine wine world is ready to discover what the wines, still en barrique, can suggest about the new vintage.

Our purpose with Saturnalia is to offer unique, data-driven insights not normally accessible in the wine industry. What we have built - and continue to do everyday - is a platform collecting data and generating information from several sources to facilitate transparency and decision making in the wine industry. Whether you want to track your collection, make purchase decisions or simply understand more about your favourite wines, Saturalia is here to help you.

It's all in one platform: you just need to click your way around it and find what interests you the most.

Don't limit yourself to scores


On the platform there aren't just our early scores, that we derive from the vegetative activity data collected throughout the whole growing season with satellites and weather stations. It is true that with them you can get a sense of the next Bordeaux vintage right after the end of the harvest, but there is much more to see for the Primeurs: see the 2D and 3D maps to discover where your wines of interest are produced, the price trends and the weather data, so to fully understand how the magic of Bordeaux climate works.

Don't limit yourself to 2020


The platform does not contain data only for 2020: go back in time and see all of the previous information starting from 2013. Data and insights on previous vintages can in fact help you choose what to buy and check out prices and how they performed over time in the market.

Our scoring and prediction systems for all vintages help our customers make decisions in advance and gain a competitive advantage for themselves or on other competitors.

Don't limit yourself to Bordeaux


We all know that Bordeaux takes the spotlight during these days and the following weeks. However, our platform includes also other areas: Burgundy, Barolo, Barbaresco, Montalcino and Bolgheri. And thanks to the scalability of our data, you can stretch your analyses from the single village up to the larger appellations.

Don't limit yourself to just one wine

There is a brand-new feature on the platform to try out: a comparative function, allowing you to not only compare the same wine belonging to different vintages (e.g. Cos d'Estournel 2019 vs Cos d'Estournel 2018 vs Cos d'Estournel 2017), but also completely different wines from different vintages (e.g. Cos d'Estournel 2017 vs Angelus 2019 vs Margaux 2020). Become a real wine-geek and find out how an additional drop of rain, or a sudden water drought is able to shape a wine in its uniquess. It's easier shown than explained, so just watch our project manager, Daniele De Vecchi, explain how to make the most of our comparisons!

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