Let’s see if there are any big changes on secondary market after the En Primeur 2021 in Bordeaux. By the way: if you haven’t already, go read an excerpt of our report about the 2021 Vintage. You’re going to find a concrete example of what our Vintage Score and Fair Price can disclose about 3 Bordeaux top wines.

What are these #wineleaks?

The Saturnalia #wineleaks of June are here to reveal you the top 3 best and worst performers in the Bordeaux market. This quick preview is part of one of the services that you can find in full version on the Saturnalia platform: the Monthly Price Trend. As the name suggests, it lets you compare and track the value performance of the top 100 Bordeaux wines. Our AI-driven algorithms analyse the historical exchange prices of Liv-ex and they show which factors cause the price variations for each vintage up to 3 years from the En Primeur. As promised, here below you find the top 3 performing wines and, for completeness sake, the top 3 wines that had the greatest negative variations between release price and current market price. The prices are expressed in GBP and are referred to the value of the wine in cases of 12 bottles. VAT, other taxes and logistics prices are not included.

Who’s going up and who’s going down

Keep an eye on Pichon Lalande 2018: even though it experienced a -3% decrease since release price, we expect it to bounce back soon with a +15% growth. The same goes for Smith Haut Lafitte 2020: even though it registered a +6% increase since release, our algorithms warn that its value in the near future may drop of at least -15%.

Lafite Rothschild 2018 maintains a positive streak and shows a growth since release of +37%: our algorithms forecast another increase of at least 15% for the next month. On the flipside, Monbousquet 2018 experienced in the previous month a value decrease of 16%. It may be worth considering a purchase? Our model predicts in fact that there will be another loss of at least -15%. 

Ausone 2019 is another wine that seems to do well: its value increased from the £5280 of release price to £5822. We expect another increase of at least 15%. Gazin (Pomerol) 2018 lost some value on the market and its price dropped by -11% and according to our predictive model will drop by another -15% at least in the near future.

Stay tuned for the new Saturnalia #winealeaks of July!

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#wineleaks: June 2022