Vineyard Technology


The Fundamental Role of Precipitation Data in Viticulture

In the intricate world of viticulture, precipitation data emerges as a fundamental tool for vineyard management. Understanding the quantity, timing, and distribution of rainfall helps viticulturists make informed decisions to optimize grapevine health, prevent diseases, and enhance wine quality.

What exactly do satellites bring to vineyard monitoring?

If you have ever wondered how exactly we are able to disclose insights about grape quality, weather information and monitor the growing seasons thanks to satellites, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the use of earth observation satellites, particularly optical sensors, in vineyard monitoring.

Bordeaux 2021 at a “satellite glance”

Soon after the end of the harvest, and thanks to the data collected from satellites and weather stations, Saturnalia every year processes more than 4 billion pixels of the whole planted area of Bordeaux. After putting our proprietary algorithms to work we are then able to extract our Vintage Score,  which tells you in advance how the vintage went for the most renowned AOCs of the region.

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