Saturnalia & WiV: when technology merge in the world of fine wine

When technology meets a market as established as fine wine, two kinds of reactions arise: enthusiasm and wariness. 

History tells us that oftentimes innovation ends up crystallising itself into our everyday life. On a number of occasions, we’ve seen the wariness of those ready to reject any unexpected change being replaced day after day by growing interest, and eventually, enthusiasm. 

This is a necessary introduction to be kept in mind, as we are ready to share some very good news: the new partnership we established with WiV Technology –, an innovative company which applies blockchain technology and NFTs (Not Fungible Tokens*) to the fine wines world. In this way, wine connoisseurs – and not only them – are able to join an exclusive community which aims to invest in wine without worrying about logistics, its expenses, and above all, the risks derived from moving the bottles around. 

Through Saturnalia, we are providing WiV Technology with a wide variety of essential data on grape quality and market trends, so that they are able to define which are the best performers to include in the portfolio. Up to now, we have been working together only on Bordeaux AOCs, but our common goal is to apply our joint expertise also on other wine regions – both European and international ones. 

Service transparency and business innovation is what brings Saturnalia and WiV together

Both Saturnalia and WiV believe in a shared purpose: supply transparent services, built on objective and reliable data sources. In practice, this is how our intertwined work brings a benefit to the collector’s side. 

Saturnalia applies the scientific method to satellite-derived data in order to retrieve objective information on grape quality, which is later refined and passed on to wine collectors. Wine collectors, in turn, can rely on WiV services: through the $WIVX token, conceived specifically for the wine industry, they can purchase units from an investment fund that can be managed directly through NFTs. The purpose of this process is to transform the fine wine world into a model of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

Here is what Daniele De Vecchi, Saturnalia Project Manager, commented about this new, ambitious partnership:

“Our new partnership with WiV holds a very strategic value, as both our companies aim to bring a digital breakthrough in the fine wine industry. Big data and blockchain technology are becoming invaluable assets for several services, and we believe that in the near future also wine investors and collectors will benefit from it. The predictive data we elaborate about Bordeaux grape quality and market trends represent a key input for WiV decision-making process.”

Words which are echoed by Håkon Harberg, co-founder of WIV Technology:

"Combining smart data through AI integrated to our own wine blockchain WIVA is groundbreaking and something we will see play an important role in order to provide the market with the best cutting edge solutions within provenance, price predictions and reliability. We at WIV know that together with Saturnalia we can change the wine landscape and maintain our position as the leader of putting physical assets into the metaverse with our own wineverse ecosystem."

Bio in a sip: Saturnalia

Saturnalia is a service dedicated to the fine wines world that can be accessed either through its own digital platform or via API. It is provided by the Italian start-up Ticinum Aerospace and benefits from the support of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Saturnalia leverages artificial intelligence and big data to open the gates of the wine world to those that not only are interested in the bottle per se, but also want to learn what specifically determines its quality and market value.

Satellite and weather data are then processed to derive analyses on vintages quality and to build 2D and 3D models of vineyards. Algorithms predict market price variations of the bottles on a monthly basis. Every year, soon after the harvest, Saturnalia processes its Vintage Score which is able to disclose months in advance Bordeaux En Primeur best performers.

Bio in a sip: WiV Technology

WiV Technology is a financial technology company that makes fine wine into a financial instrument. WiV have created a more transparent and efficient wine ecosystem by combining NFT and blockchain technology to create a decentralised finance protocol for investing and trading fine wine. The Company is based out of Oslo, Norway and is the parent Company of WIVA token, and the decentralised reserve token WIVX.  

*To know more about NFTs, read this interesting analysis on Harvard Business Review.


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Saturnalia & WiV: when technology merge in the world of fine wine