Those who often hang around on our website may have noticed that we haven’t been publishing any of our Wineleaks since September. Well, there’s a reason for it. We have already given a sneak peak of the reason on our social media channels (do follow us if you still don’t!), but we are more than glad to share with everyone else some good news. 

On 8th September 2022 we decided to provide Sara Danese, wine writer of the weekly newsletter In the Mood for Wine and director of AZYA, with our price data and market trends predictions. The purpose was to build a model portfolio of the most traded Bordeaux wines using our price analytics and insights available on our platform exclusively. Furthermore, by having a counterpart examining and using our data, we want to provide our insights with even more objectivity and transparency: the ultimate goal of such collaboration is to show how impactful our algorithmic-driven predictions can be by presenting them in a concrete simulated scenario. 

We waited a minimum amount of time that allowed the experiment to produce the first results. In Sara’s own words:

“in the two months since its inception (8 September 2022), the Saturnalia Model Portfolio returned 5.8%. During the same period, the Liv-ex 100 gained 1.3% and the Liv-ex 1000 (a broader index) was up 2.3%". 

Certainly, it is still early to determine whether the virtual portfolio will be successful or not. For now, we can only invite you to visit and – if you want – subscribe to in The Mood for Wine newsletter, as you can stay easily up-to-date on the development of the portfolio with Sara publishing and sending you a report on the portfolio month by month. On our part, we will certainly publish significant updates on the progress of the portfolio and we hope our joint project can help you see in a more tangible way how our services can be leveraged. 

Go read the first report containing the first results of the model portfolio at: Saturnalia model portfolio – October update.

We remind you that you can always try for yourself our services, included the price analytics and prediction for Bordeaux, through our free trial (no credit card required).

Saturnalia WineLeaks included in a model portfolio