A collaboration to secure more transparency and data for wine investments

Today marks another step forward for Saturnalia, as we are ready to announce our first strategic partnership with Vindome, a mobile app entirely devoted to wine trading: on Vindome wine lovers and collectors are able to start investing in fine wines in a simple and secure way. Everyone can download the app, register, and start searching for a bottle to buy choosing between Collections and Live Market.

As you can see, a platform like Vindome is a precious tool for all those who seek a linear and safe way to get involved with wine trading: Saturnalia has teamed up with the platform to enhance and refine their services, helping Vindome in offering to their customers the most transparent, favourable and informed deals. Saturnalia unveils and puts together data within the wine world, transforming it into information available and accessible to everyone. And this is a game-changing factor for platforms like Vindome. We made easily available wine data such as the grape blend and wine description, our innovative 2D maps of vineyards and our early scores, capable of estimating the next vintage quality immediately after the harvest.

Saturnalia is steadily making its way towards its dream

Saturnalia Project Manager, Daniele De Vecchi, commented on the achievement with these words: “We are proud of this partnership because together with Vindome we enable users to access unique information and help them choose what’s best for them. The connection between our companies was strong since the very beginning and we felt that a partnership was the next natural step to make”.

For Saturnalia, however, this is just another proof that the path taken is the right one, but much more work is yet to be done: “Saturnalia is an on-going effort that started a few years ago. It took a while to build a consistent and reliable set of data. We are happy with what we have achieved so far, but we are constantly working to add even more data and accomplish our mission of building a living atlas of wine, accessible to anyone”.

More on Vindome and Saturnalia

Vindome is a mobile app dedicated to fine wine trading, founded by Ingrid Brodin and Victoria Palatnik, business experts and wine lovers. The app is an easy and user-friendly access to the fine wine trading world, offering a wide range of fine wines. It allows everyone to operate in the market easily, even the beginner, thanks to an intuitive system and a dedicated consulting service. Vindome also offers a stocking service to perfectly preserve wines, which are protected by an NFC tag to make the whole process safe and functional.

Saturnalia is a service offered by the Italian start-up Ticinum Aerospace and centred on fine wine. In particular, Saturnalia wants to leverage big data and artificial intelligence to open up the wine world to anyone interested in not only the wine bottle per se, but also in everything that revolves around it. Satellite and meteorological data are collected and analysed to elaborate quality insights on the vintage; vineyards are shown through 2D and 3D detailed models; prices for the most traded wines are predicted on a monthly basis; quality scores for Bordeaux wines are directly extracted at the harvest end. Saturnalia is a project supported by the European Space Agency.


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Saturnalia announces a new partnership with Vindome