A 3D view on vineyards

As we mentioned in our previous post, we are officially launching our 3D maps on Saturnalia platform. This new milestone brings us closer to our goal of building a dynamic atlas of all vineyards, offering to all wine lovers and enthusiasts the possibility to access major insights on the wine world. From quality analyses to price predictions, from detailed vintage reports down to the single raindrop fallen during the vintage: all available in one place, by just sitting at your desk.


The appellations available on the platform up this moment
Macro-areas available on the platform up to now

Uncovering the single Cru through our Wine Explorer

From today, our subscribers have the possibility to access a brand-new mode on our platform called Wine Explorer. By clicking on it, you will be presented with a fully dynamic globe. The world map functions like a Chinese box: wait a few seconds and the major macro-areas will be listed on the left side of you screen; choose one and the main appellations for that area will appear on the globe; you can continue to explore down to the single crus. And if that is not enough, you’ll also able to see where the vineyards of your wine of interest are produced and how they look in 3D rendering.

A 3D view on Bordeaux
Appellations from Burgundy

You can click anytime on the vineyards polygons to open a window that will automatically bring you to the platform dashboard, where you will have access to more specific info about the selected wine. From here you can in fact access the 2D map showing the Saturnalia Variation Index, that displays through 5 different colours the vegetation activity within the vines: fairer colours (yellow/light green) hint at high potential quality of the grapes.

Click on the video below to have Saturnalia project manager, Daniele de Vecchi, give a concrete explanation of how our new mode works.


As you can see, scalability is the main feature of our maps: leveraging satellites power, you can decide to get first a general view over the whole appellation territory and then visualise the single cru or MGA. In addition, the 3D rendering is a big step forward that allows you to get a real sense of where your favourite wines are produced and discover more on the territory conformation, altitude, slope, surrounding area.

Up to now, we have about 260 wines on our platform; in the Wine Explorer mode you can zoom from macro areas (including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Bolgheri, Barolo, Barbaresco and Montalcino), down to the single appellations and crus. Do you want to see where Cannubi is located? What is the orography around Chambertin? 

Join the platform and see for yourself:


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Saturnalia 3D maps are ready to be explored