A whole new way of experiencing vineyards

It’s been already 3 weeks since the release of our platform, our proprietary tool capable of summing up in one place all the major facets of the wine world: we do not provide only analyses based on existing data (price history, vineyards conditions), but we also, and especially, produce precious insights on our own, thanks to our AI-driven algorithms and crucial data sources like satellites and ground weather stations. Predictions for the current vintage, estimations of early scores, previsions for future prices: this is the main purpose of Saturnalia, a project that is one of a kind.

When we thought of the platform, we decided to build it on maps, as they constitute the most fascinating feature of our project. So far, we’ve collected maps for about 150 wines spread across Bordeaux, Barolo and Bolgheri and more are on their way. Frequent updates and improvements are a solid part of the platform, as our final goal is to be able to map all vineyards in the world in a dynamic atlas.

We are moving a first step towards this big goal: in January we are adding our 3D dynamic maps to all the available wines.

Sassicaia 3D Saturnalia Map
Sassicaia - 3D map example

3D maps provide new opportunities for all wine lovers

3D maps are way more detailed and explanatory than normal maps in two dimensions. What they do is give a more direct, close-up experience of the vineyards: you can observe the conformation of the territory (extension, slope, altitude) in its full extent, and, as they are dynamic, you can switch the point of view as you prefer.

To get a better idea of how the maps work, below there is a short demonstration video of this function. Typing the wine of your choice in the search bar, you will see the 3D model of the vineyard completed by its classification according to SVI values, the Saturnalia index that sums up the entire vegetation activity for the selected season. In the video example, you are able to see all the territory of the Barolo MGA Bricco Fiasco Azelia: where it is positioned, what surrounds it and its conformation


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Saturnalia 3D maps are on their way