April has just begun, and together with it we bring you the Saturnalia #wineleaks. Every month we reveal you the top 3 best and worst performers in the Bordeaux market. 

It’s a service that you can find on Saturnalia platform called Monthly Price Trend: as the name suggests, it lets you compare and track the value performance of the top 100 Bordeaux wines you are interested in. Our AI-driven algorithms calculate in advance the expected fluctuations caused by the introduction of the new vintages (En Primeur) on the bottles already on the market. As the algorithm analyses the historical exchange prices of Liv-ex, it can show which factors cause the price variations for each vintage up to 3 years from the En Primeur.

As promised, here below you find the top 3 performing wines and, for completeness sake, the top 3 wines that had the greatest negative variations between release price and current market price. The prices are expressed in GBP and are referred to the value of the wine in cases of 12 bottles. VAT, other taxes and logistics prices are not included. 

Want an example? Last month, our Monthly Price Trend expected Petrus 2018 to increase by >15% and so it happened, registering for March a +16% increase. Keep your eyes on this wine, because even for April our price-predictive algorithms expect again a new increase of >15%. 

You can have a look at all April market fluctuations of the top 100 Bordeaux wines on our 7-day free trial.


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Our Bordeaux Wine Leaks of April