How digital innovation comes in support of wine-making: from the vineyard to the consumer.

Vinitaly • Vivaldi – Palaexpo floor -1

Monday, 11th April, 2:30 • 4:00 PM (CEST)

Vinitaly 2022, thanks to its international reach, is going to be the perfect occasion to talk about the impact brought by digital innovation into the wine industry. Fabio Piccoli, Wine Meridian editor in chief, is going to be the moderator of a round table in which 5 important players in the field are going to share their experiences with the digital world. 

Luca Serena, chief executive officer of Serena Wines 1881 and promoter of the conference, is going to talk about digitalisation from the perspective of wineries. Andrea Gori, restaurant owner and wine critic 4.0, will focus on the impact of digital innovation on the HORECA industry. Daniele De Vecchi, Saturnalia project manager, is going to tell how AI and the analysis of satellite-derived data can change the market outlook for fine wines. The fine wine market is also growing its interest in achieving certification of production by employing blockchain technology and NFTs, as Paolo Masoero of SmartBlockChianGateway is going to explain. And of course, digital innovation has a prominent role in changing the way the industry players communicate and build relationships: a perfect example is Vinophila, a virtual fair of wine whose ideation and functioning will be explained by its creator, Lorenzo Biscontin.

Don’t miss this round table which, thanks to the contributions of actors with such different backgrounds, is going to define the future of digital innovation for Italian wine and its supply chain. 

Free admission. More information about the conference at this Vinitaly link.  

Fabio Piccoli, editor in chief of Wine Meridian


  • Luca Serena, Chief Executive Officer of Serena Wines 1881
  • Andrea Gori, wine critic and restaurant owner
  • Daniele De Vecchi, Saturnalia project manager
  • Paolo Mosoero, creator of SmartBlockChainGateway
  • Lorenzo Biscontin, creator and founder of Vinophila
Map of Vinitaly 2022

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How digital innovation comes in support of wine-making: from the vineyard to the consumer.