Here we are to present you our new blog section: the Fine Wine Leaks. What are they? On a monthly basis, we will give you some ‘leaks’, some sneak peeks on which wines are going up and which are going down in the market. It’s a service that we already offer on our platform: the Monthly Price Trend for the top100 of Bordeaux.

It’s reserved to our platform subscribers – but you can try it for free for 7 days through our free trial – and it lets you compare and track the value performance of the Bordeaux wines you are interested in. It’s our predictive algorithms that do the job: they record all price fluctuations of the single vintages, elaborate the data and then provide you with market trend updates every month. 

How does the Monthly Price Trend work?

Our Monthly Price Trend unlocks both an overall and detailed view of your collection without you needing to search the information on dozens of different websites. In this way, Saturnalia solves for you the problem of data fragmentation, and at the same time helps you have everything under control and keep track of things. Every single month. 

As mentioned before, our predictive model, in order to evaluate the vintage value, analyses the historical exchange prices of Liv-ex and Saturnalia additional data present in the database. In this way, it calculates in advance the expected fluctuations caused by the introduction of the new vintages (En Primeur) on the bottles already on the market. As the algorithm uses historical data, it can show which factors cause the price variations for each vintage up to 3 years from the En PrimeurThe prices are expressed in GBP and are referred to the value of the wine in cases of 12 bottles. VAT, other taxes and logistics prices are not included. 

This month we are showing you the top 3  best performing wines and, for completeness sake, the top 3 wines that had the greatest negative variations between release price and current market price. The understanding of these fluctuations, whether positive or negative, lies without doubt within one’s own personal experience, knowledge and intuition in the market. However, the data present on Saturnalia platform surely offers additional tools and information to make this understanding much more accessible and easier for everyone. 


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