Grand opening of Saturnalia Platform

Nov. 26, 2020

We’ve finally released our new platform which aims to uncover and explore in one tool every facet of the wine world. Extra advantages for early subscribers!

Saturnalia: the new all-in-one fine wines platform based on objective data

A living and dynamic atlas of fine wines built on facts and figures.

A new and complementary perspective of the wine industry, stemming from Big Data and accessible to everyone.

This is our final goal and today we are moving the first big step towards it thanks to the release of the unique Saturnalia platform. Let us explain in detail what it is and which services you can benefit from.


Our platform provides easy access to valuable insights concerning wine prices, potential vintage quality, vineyards conditions and, in general, everything that is related to wine. In a nutshell, it offers a 360° view on the wine industry within a click of your mouse.

Saturnalia main services: from 3D to prices prediction

As we aim to build a living, world-wide atlas of vineyards, the most relevant aspect of our platform is based on dynamic maps. Search vineyards across the available main wine regions and start learning more about them: which wines they produce, in which conditions they are, and which peculiarities differentiate them. Or let your instinct guide you in our atlas and find out more about new cultivation areas that you are yet to discover.

Another important service refers to prices. Discover all about the price history of your favourite wines and obtain exclusive insights on the future prices predicted by our algorithms, which will help you ponder your next purchase.

We do not leverage several different measures from satellites, but we also complement them with data collected from ground. Thanks to all these sources, our platform will provide insightful information about weather-related aspects, such as rainfall, Growing Degree Days, percentage of surface soil moisture and the overall weather trend.

And if you want, we can gather all this material in one detailed vintage report which summarises all the different aspects listed above. We are very open to requests, so don’t be afraid to let us know which areas you are interested in.

And last, but not least, we’ve created a system that strongly relies on the transparency of data, meaning that all information you can find on our platform comes from independent sources and is not influenced by tastings, subjective judgement or personal opinion.

What can you find on Saturnalia?

You’ll be able to access maps and prices for more than 150 wines spread across Bordeaux, Barolo and Bolgheri starting from vintage 2013. More wines, ranging from Montalcino to Napa and Burgundy, are added every week. We will reach 200 by the end of the year. Our monthly price prediction is instead limited to 100 Bordeaux wines.

Now, the only thing left to do is to dive into our new project. We have poured every ounce of our knowledge, resources and passion to mould what was once a scrap of idea into a concrete proposal. With every passing day we have seen our platform take shape, and today we are very proud to offer its services to you. We are sure that you’ll find yourself at home, as the platform has been made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and everyone is welcomed to add their own expertise to it, spread our vision and make the community grow.

Subscribe within the first weeks of release to obtain a 10% discount off our Barolo 2016 report, to be published at the begin of December! The offer will expire on 24th December, so if you are interested in Barolo 2016 vintage (including data for 38 MGAs), don’t miss this opportunity!

Here’s the link to register to our platform:
Remember that you can unsubscribe anytime!

Saturnalia team

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