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Every wine passionate knows the history and the intrinsic value of Bordeaux
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It was Bordeaux that set off modern history for fine wines. And we felt compelled to dedicate part of our work to Bordeaux and its historic wines. 

After the harvest, we elaborate each November a score in hundreds, the Saturnalia Vintage Score, which is based on all the qualitative data collected during the growing season of every vineyard. 

The Saturnalia Vintage Score, not only shows the qualitative trends of the growing season, but also the potential value of the grapes and hence of the wines to be tasted during the  En Primeur. This way, you get to know early on – months before the April En Primeur campaign – the qualitative performance of the wines of your interest, and as a consequence, the prediction of their financial value.

But Saturnalia focus on Bordeaux does not stop here: for the top 100 wines we provide a comparative tool – the Monthly Price Trend – capable of generating the expected trend of price variation in the current month. 


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