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an international team hooked on satellite data, artificial intelligence and, obviously, good wine.

How it all began...

In 2016, Saturnalia’s journey began when project manager Daniele De Vecchi and his team conceptualised the idea during the European Space Agency’s Space Camp App. Recognised as one of the winning projects, the vision for Saturnalia started taking shape.

Revolutionising the Wine Industry

By 2017, Saturnalia became the flagship service of Ticinum Aerospace, marking the onset of planning. With the support of grants from the European Space Agency’s Kick Start Activity and the Copernicus Incubation Programme in 2018, the platform began to materialise.


Saturnalia aimed to revolutionise vineyard management by leveraging cutting-edge technology to address industry challenges, including climate change, rising costs, and market volatility.

saturnalia vineyard management app

Proudly supported by the ESA

Continued endorsement from the European Space Agency bolstered Saturnalia’s development. Continuous grants from 2019 facilitated the creation of a bespoke platform tailored for the wine market. The ESA’s backing validated Saturnalia’s innovative approach, driving its growth and credibility in the industry.


Where we are today..

Today, Saturnalia stands out as a prime example of how innovation and digital technology are reshaping the wine industry. As of late 2023, we introduced our newest Daily Monitoring product to the market, which allows winemakers to access a cost-effective and accurate way to assist in managing the health of the vineyard. It uses satellites and weather monitoring to provide infra-red analysis of each vines on a real-time basis.

The team has grown to 13 incredible individuals from Italy, America, Australia and Germany, each contributing their expertise to drive Saturnalia’s mission forward. With current international expansion taking place through-out Europe, the Americas and Australia; we have plenty of exciting things coming in 2024, and can’t wait to share with you!

Today, Saturnalia stands out as a prime example of how innovation and digital technology are reshaping the wine industry.
saturnalia team

Saturnalia Team

De Vecchi

project manager

5+ years in remote sensing applied to agriculture. Technology, travelling and running are his passions; to leave a mark his purpose.

Gianni Cristian Iannelli


10+ years as aerospace researcher and entrepreneur. An enthusiast of AI, innovation and travelling.


Scientific director

Professor of remote sensing at the University of Pavia. His teaching never foregoes passion; his research thrives on years of experience.

Daniel Aurelio Galeazzo

IT Senior Architect

10+ years as a programmer in the aerospace field. Clustering and big data on one side, and guitar on the other, make up his passions.

Nicolò Ramaioli

DevOps and full stack developer

Front end and web backend developer. Automation and efficiency are always present in his life. 

Jeff Anderson

business development manager

With over a decade of global experiences, Jeff’s driven by his mission to help European companies and startups expand into global markets.

Andrea Stella

Data scientist

A passionate data scientist keen to explore how data and wines can work together.

Simone Mastrolorenzo

Front end developer

Front end developer. Set on a mission to facilitate the users experience

Daniele Mainardi

Junior AI / Software Developer

A Python programmer at the service of AI. Practical, rational and always takes a chance to improve.

Jorja Artaud


An experienced marketer and wine-lover from Australia, with a passion for travel, luxury, fashion and all things Italian. 

Sara Luongo


Growing up among the vineyards of Oltrepò combined with extensive hospitality experience, Sara is a natural in the world of Italian wine.

Nabil Menfalout

Junior Business development specialist

Experience the next generation of vineyard management.


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